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Cold Really Cold

London in the Cold

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Well plans changed after writing the other day. Instead of going to the Tower of London we went to the National Gallery instead. Between getting up late and the time spent getting cell phones, yes cell phones, we decided we would not have enough time to see all of the Tower. The National Gallery is a beautiful stone building that sits in Trafalgar Square. It has a huge collection of painting that we only managed to see a small part of before heading to lunch. The food so far has been really good all though we’ve most picked up lunch at the market or got food at the museums.

After lunch we jumped on the Tube and ahead over to the Globe Theater. The Tube is very easy to use and close to most of the popular site to visit. It was a short but very cold (don’t forget to wear long underwear) walk along the Thames River to the Globe. Are site at the Globe were top level. We chose sits over being a groundling because we don’t want to stand through the entire show. The Christmas Cracker was carnival/spoof on Shakespeare. There was music and sing. Its starts with a man popping out of a ball and then several acts come marching into the crowed and then up to the stage. They want to the audience to feel apart of the play. Beside the music and the jokes there were also acrobats on high wires playing and even one playing the violin. It was a really fun play, but sitting out side was not easy because of how cold it was. If there hadn’t been an intermission after the first 45 minutes I don’t think I could have made it through the to the end.

Well after watch the play we decided that we need a hot meal so went to the Hard Rock. It was really busy but the food was great. It was interesting to see were the first Hard Rock started. After the eating we decided to good back to the hotel rather than watch the firework for the New Year. We decide we could not handle any more cold at they were predicting that the temperatures were going to be below around 20 degrees. So we watched on television but we were able to here the firework from out hotel.

Today we first to the natural history museum where they had a large display of dinosaur bones and Darwin. After seeing the dinosaur we head to Trafalgar Square to watch the new years parade. It was really funny and enjoyable to watch until the cold got the better of us and we had to leave. We went over to Saint Martin-in-the-Field where we ate lunch in a crypt. It was fun to look at all the tombstones. The inside of the church was beautiful. After visiting the church we went back to the finish look at some more of the natural history museum.

After the natural history museum close went over to see the Victoria and Albert museums. It’s a beautiful old building with a collection that spans hundreds of years and includes everything from paints and sculptures to dress and rugs. We plan to go back to more to finish see it. I’ve added picture from yesterday and today’s trips and I’ll write and post more pictures soon.

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I'm alive in London

TSA is no friend of my or anyone other flyer

rain 10 °C
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We're alive. Picking up Leanne and getting to LAX turned out to be the easist part of the trip. The ticket line was a breeze but we had a least a two hour delay which meant we're stuck at the airport for 6 hours after my mom dropped us off. Getting thought TSA was easy but saddly once on the other side we found a very small terminal with very few stores and even fewer eating places. We survied our six hour wait only to find out their would be very little in flight entertainment. Instead of the 50+ movies and video games we were all stuck watching the same movie. Thank you TSA. They had to turn off the map feature because they did want certain people to know where the plane was in the air. Unfortunately the software doesn't let you turn off just one feature. We lived through it and their choices weren't too bad. We landed safely in the rain and cold. Leanne got held up at TSA I think because of the Egypt and Jordan stamps in her passport. Once out of the airport it was a quick tube ride and a short walk to our hotel.

The hotel is really nice and they gave us an upgrade because were staying so long. After we got up, some time after ten we traveled to Victoria station where we got on the "Big Bus". We spend the day traveling all over London seeing the sites from the bus. It was a cold ride but at least I can say I saw London. After a long bus ride we made it safely back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we plan to visit the london Tower and the Globle theather. It should be a lot of fun. We've choose to sit in the seat rather than being a groundling. Will write more soon.

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Going To London

Me in London No Way...

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So what do you do when you’re crazy friend sends out a text message saying anyone want to go to London. This is the same friend who just got back from a trip to Egypt and Jordan. You may have read her travel blog “Leanne Around the Globe How to get lost in new places” by lmgilly. Well I texted her back and said I would. I’m not sure at the time if I really believed I would be going to London. I think it was more my first passport was inching to get its first stamp. Then a couple of months later I get a call from Leanne asking me if I still wanted to go to London and when could I go. Thus began numerous calls and hours of online hunting for the right hotel and flight for the right price. After the great debate we both agreed on 12 days in London; with a side trip to Windsor, Bath, and Stonehenge; from Dec. 29 through January 9, 2010. I hope I can handle the cold weather. I heard they had to close the Eiffel tower because of too much snow. I leave in five days and counting. It’s still hard to believe I will be in London for the New Year. For those interested I’ll do my best to keep up with this blog and I’ll add pictures when I can. I hope you enjoy reading about my first international journey.

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